The Power of

Game Changing Creativity

Every agency has its sound bite. A set of ever-so-carefully-crafted words to try and explain why they’re truly different and incredibly brilliant and totally unique and why you absolutely really must come in and meet them as soon as you possibly can or you’ll miss out on the chance of a lifetime. And yes, we’ve got one too: Game Changing Creativity.

Creativity that can supercharge a business and transform it into an iconic brand that truly stands for something. We believe that Game Changing Creativity can capture the imagination of the nation – from cabbies down the pub to mums picking up the kids from school. Optimistic, celebratory work that is loved by real people from all walks of life. Our game changing creativity is delivered by a partnership of senior practitioners from different disciplines - Advertising, Digital, Social, Content, Direct and Media - sharing the same goals and the same mission as our clients. It’s why we are consistently one of the most creatively awarded independent agencies in the world.

So the world is a more complicated place and demands a more sophisticated kind of agency: more fluid and versatile, applying holistic communications expertise to clients' commercial challenges.

It is a world where collaboration and partnership are key, where seamlessly integrated, multi-faceted ideas are essential and where campaigns are co-created with consumers and partners. It is the world of &.



Johnny graduated with an MA, was a trainee at Ogilvy and ended up working for Simon Clemmow at TBWA before they both left to start CHI & Partners on the night of the 2001 election campaign having successfully run that campaign for Labour.


Sarah joined the newly formed CHI & Partners in 2001 via Cambridge and Lowe and has grown with the agency to be CEO. Along the way Sarah was one of Management Today's top 35 women in business. Sarah is a mum, cake-maker and fan of Blackburn Rovers.


Nick joined CHI & Partners in 2005 via Oxford, Ogilvy & HHCL. He's currently having a mid life crisis – hence running a Marathon and suddenly enjoying romantic comedies. He remains relentlessly cheerful despite being a Liverpool fan.


Peter has over 20 years' experience working across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, acquiring, setting-up and running many businesses, including 4 years at the Leo Burnett Group and over 5 years with WPP Group plc. Before joining CHI & Partners he was a worldwide board member and CFO for BBDO Europe.


Neil began his advertising career at Simons Palmer Denton Clemmow Johnson in 1996, as a planner on Goldfish and Nike. He joined CHI & Partners in 2002, renewing his partnership with Simon Clemmow, and since then has worked with all the agency's key clients. Today, he leads the agency's strategic output.


Jon worked his way to Creative Director at HHCL with award-winning campaigns for Tango, the AA, Pot Noodle. Became Group ECD at Leo Burnett in 2007, transforming the creative product for McDonald's, Shelter, COI. Jon joined CHI & Partners in 2010.



Prior to joining CHI& Partners, Andrew was Chairman of BBDO¹s Proximity in North America, one of the largest and most awarded agency networks in the world. Understanding where the world was moving, he became an early advocate of the digital space. His passion for strategic and creative excellence has produced results recognized by domestic and international shows like Cannes, DMA Echos, Caples and the EFFIE awards. Andrew is the CEO of The&Partnership North America.


Before joining CHI & Partners in 2011, Isaac attended Columbia University and then worked at TBWA\Chiat\Day, Droga5, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. At those various shops, he worked on brands ranging from Snickers to Chevrolet, and helped Obama win the 2008 election with the "Great Schlep" campaign. Isaac has enjoyed nearly a decade of working with Jeff.


Victoria grew up in the British advertising scene notably helping British Airways cope with the aftermath of 9/11 and McDonald’s to help change people’s perceptions of their food quality. She moved to NYC in 2009 to become ’Merican and help CHI&Partners make it there.


With a background in PR and research, Oli joined the newly-opened CHI&Partners London in 2001. Since then, he has grown with the agency working across key accounts, most notably leading global strategy for Samsung. In 2010 he upped-sticks for New York where he heads up planning.


David Mayo

David started in London on Unilever, Panasonic and Diageo and then came to Hong Kong in 1993 to work on BAT and HSBC. In 1997 he joined Ogilvy in Singapore to run Guinness in Asia before launching RedCard - Asia's most awarded creative boutique - in 2001. In 2006 he rejoined Ogilvy to run the global Motorola business. He then led Ogilvy & Mather Advertising across Asia for three years before taking on Ogilvy & Mather ASEAN in 2011. In 2012 he started a new chapter and helped launch the new Bates CHI & Partners as CEO.


Arvind is one of the best planning practitioners in Asia. Arvind will work closely with the regional and local leadership team to grow the agency business through global client development, regional client growth and new business. Prior to Bates CHI, Arvind was the Chief Strategy Officer of Ogilvy Malaysia where he drove growth and marketing effectiveness for major clients, with his team winning multiple Effies for clients like GSK, Pizza Hut and Nestle among others, and also Ogilvy Malaysia’s first metal at the Festival of the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards in 2012 and a Gold at the WARC Asia Strategy in 2013.


Patrick will help build the Bates CHI&Partners collaborative business model by bringing together the right people and skills around the table to generate the best briefs for the best clients. Patrick has been with the agency for three years, and fast tracked throughout his career at WPP. Starting as an Account Executive at JWT London and developing branded content properties at MEC in New York, he led integrated campaigns for IBM at Ogilvy New York as Partner, Marketing Director, before moving to Singapore in 2011, where he grew Singapore based clients and regional businesses. 


Justine is a key partner to the agency leaders and is challenged with developing the agency’s commercial relationships at all levels. Justine joined Singleton, Ogilvy and Mather, in Sydney, Australia, in 2004, as Operations Analyst on the IBM Account, after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Macquarie University. She then progressed with Ogilvy in a move to Singapore in 2009 as Operations Manager for Asia Pacific working on some of Ogilvy’s key Global and Regional assignments.


Todd has more than 20 years of experience in building up digital and social businesses across global markets including US, the UK, and Asia Pacific. He was notably one of the Amnesia Group’s owners, a digital agency that grew in 10 years to become the largest of its kind in Australia. Prior to Bates CHI he was the Digital Strategist at Havas Worldwide.



In our increasingly networked world, media is the glue that powerfully connects people with each other and with brands. Our modern media landscapeconnects us all to each other: this is six degrees of separation in action.

We are M/SIX: a new media agency born into our connected age. We believe in the power of media to bring great creativity to life and deliver tangible business results for our clients. We are hybrid thinkers who are naturally digital, effortlessly integrated, intrinsically creative and obsessed with results.

We are M/SIX: Six degree thinking

CEO: Jess Burley


The Box is a 'fast turnaround' agency with a mix of creative, design and production skills. It primarily focuses on delivering advertising and customer campaigns for clients with a high volume of daily and weekly activity and where the main campaign idea is already established.

Partner: Malcolm Peters


A group of multi-discipline designers from non-advertising backgrounds that can work independently, or for existing CHI & Partners clients. It offers design expertise across all aspects of branding & visual identity, packaging, point of sale, and digital media. When necessary the team is able to tap directly into CHI planning and senior management to the ensure output is well integrated with other channels and on brand.

Head of Art: Dan Beckett


A new kind of content agency, one with integration at its core. Taking the best of social, video, editorial, planning and metrics - and combining them in innovative ways to produce inspiring work and brilliant results.


Rapier was founded in 1985 as a Direct Marketing agency, focusing on 1-2-1 communication and the creative interpretation of customer data. Since then, we have been awarded ‘Direct Agency of The Year’ four times and ‘Direct Agency of The Decade’ in 2010. At Rapier we thrive where Data and Creativity collide.

We work best with businesses facing choices driven by change.  The choice to transform, to expand, to contract, to diversify, or all of these.  Businesses who understand that they have to be truly customer-centric, and who realise that they need to better serve their customers' needs.

With these businesses we dig deep into customer data & insights, and apply our creative thinking across product / service / channel / technology / message to create deeper customer engagement and experiences.  

The result is a fundamental increase in the customer value of our clients that transforms their business success.

Chairman & CEO: Jonathan Stead



We are Halpern – a powerfully connected PR agency for world class brands. At Halpern we change perceptions and create influential commercial connections that deliver to your bottom line. We cut through the vast global media landscape and give you insight on the most effective way to reach your audiences now and long term.

Founded in 1993 by Jenny Halpern Prince, we have skills across a full spectrum of services from global scoping to strategic product and feature placement,  influencer outreach, events, celebrity endorsement, digital campaign management and retail & brand consultancy.

We believe that it’s not just who you know, or what you know, it’s both.


Founder: Jenny Halpern Prince



Marketing history over the last fifty years has seen a succession of approaches to Big Idea hunting: first, the search for the product truth or 'USP'; then, with growing commoditisation, the quest for consumer insight; next, as brands cultivated their values or leader's ethos, the answer lay in company culture; finally, as businesses coveted 'new market space' the Big Idea became their vision or corporate ambition.


We even find a brand's Big Idea using the power of &. Our process for getting to Big Ideas involves open and honest collaboration between clients, agency and partners. Our Big Ideas days bring together clients from every part of the organization to build shared ownership of big, business changing ideas which are rapidly tested, optimized and expanded. It's a process that can use the power of & to the full, in that it's at its best when done collaboratively with clients, partners and consumers.


There is no more inclusive a word in the English language than '&'. And inclusivity lies at the heart of everything we make for our client partners. We believe in the power of populist, 360-degree Big Ideas that make people want to be part of the brands we work with. Whether it’s getting the people of Britain singing along for the Talk Talk X-Factor sponsorship idents or downloading their copy of The Sunday Times on an iPad, we judge everything we do on whether it captures people’s hearts and imaginations, and influences their behaviour. That's the power of &.